Blog 18; Releasing

Week 11, Blog 18

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Release all that no longer serves you

As some of you know I’ve been on vacation since Wednesday. And since then I’ve been taking it upon myself to try and release all stress, worries, feelings and thoughts that simply just don’t serve me anymore. By that i mean any kind of fears and gossip that might creep up. For to many years I’ve been focusing on and been surrounded by negativity. I didn’t realize how harmful and draining it was until I couldn’t recognize myself anymore. I would react in ways that was in total opposite of who I was and made it worse by guilt tripping myself for doing so instead of having compassion. Last year I made a decision to take back control of my mind by making healthier decisions by monitoring the quality of thoughts I let my mind process and the quality of individuals I give my time to. And have been blessed ever since.

This trip has been a treat because its been putting my practice to the ultimate test.
It’s easy to create or get caught up in our or our fellow travellers dramas on vacation because there are just so much things that are out of our control during this time. And it could bring a sense of uncomfortableness. Talking about it feels good but it also feeds it with the false idea that external circumstances control who we are.
And our responses and/or reactions are great allies in clueing us towards who we truly want to be.

So what are some of the things I’ve been doing? : 1-Paying attention to what I’m about to say. If there is nothing constructive don’t say anything at all. 2-Simply not participate. 3-Try and direct the conversations towards more positive ones. Or focus on the positive aspects of the convos. 4- Have fun. When nothing else works Have fun, if you are going to be negative Have fun while your doing it and laugh it off. Laugher IS Deft the best medicine ❤

After a while your example starts rubbing off on others and that’s the most satisfying feeling of them all.

Life is too short to focus on things that no longer serve us. Switch your focus around every chance you get and see the magic unfold. Have a beautiful week you Incredible Souls
& of course #AlwayswithLove