Blog 19; Take time for yourself

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Take time for yourself

My mother asked me why my sister decided to go to her room last night and if she was angry.

After being on vacation for almost 2 weeks, I’ve come to value and truly appreciate the release taking time for one-self provides. I went out of town, postponed whatever needed to be done, and truly gave myself the time, and am still giving myself the time, needed to let go and release what is no longer serving me. I haven’t been answering any phone calls or text messages and if I had to, at a bare minimal. Took time to do the things that I wanted to do and with whom. I read books, finished projects, spend some quality time with the family, got to know a little better a beautiful ray of sunshine that just entered our lives named Lina.

It’s important to cater to your wants, likes and desires because it’s by being your own best friend, lover and companion that you truly get to know who you are. By doing the things we love doing, the way we love doing them, aids us in reconnecting with ourselves. When we are reconnected with ourselves we have a clearer unbiased view of the person we truly are, we want to be and that provides us with a clearer unbiased view of the next steps on the beautiful and mysterious journey we have set forth on. In addition, the responsibility of our happiness is nobodies but our own. It is the key factor on taking back your personal power. Take the responsibility of your happiness in your hands and no none will be able to take it away from you. We have the right to be and feel happy at all times regardless of our environment and/or circumstances. Living in the present moment gives us that bliss happiness provides and is a great trick to come back to. The beauty and miracles the present moment provides us is incredible, take a moment right now, to feel, smell, see, sense everything this moment can provide. Try and see its essence.

Taking time for yourself also helps release any old lingering energies that only weights us down. This is where the beauty of death comes into play, if you let it. Death is not a scary thing, it gives room for new and more exiting ones.

If you feel like just being alone, do it. If you feel like you want a vacation, take it, even if it is simply in your backyard. Even if it sparks up thoughts and questions in your outside world, so be it. It is nobodies business. But of course, kiss your mother’s forehead to ease any worries, they mean well Xox
&of course #AlwaysLove


Blog 12;“Emotions are like wild Horses”

Blog 12

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“Emotions are like wild Horses”

Emotions are like wild horses and, as scary as they may seem, they need to run free. Last week we talked about the importance of being alone with ourselves, this week we will focus on releasing certain tensions by first acknowledging but importantly by being honest with our feelings and just let them run their course. Doing so with no or minimal destruction of course is ideal. This means, if you are sad, cry. If you are angry, scream. If you are scared, acknowledge it, write it down in a journal or on a piece of paper. Go even further, why not, burn that piece of paper and give it to Mother Earth. Let her hear what’s inside your heart. Talk about it to someone who cares and importantly LET IT ALL GO. If you have a hard time with doing so, put all your worries and your frights into a ball of energy, envision the color it would look like and throw it up into the universe and have it take care of the rest. Let it be lifted off your shoulders . Or send it down to Mother Earth so it could be healed and restored like new.

Unattended emotions can create unnecessary blockages in the body, mind and especially spirit. We all know and have witnessed what emotions do to the body and what kind of damage an uncontrollable outburst of bottled emotions could lead up to internally and externally. A volcano eruption. This can be avoided by a simple awareness and respect to yourself and how you truly feel. If you are in a position where it cannot be dealt with right away, take a deep breath and get to them as soon as possible. The bathroom in general is my ultimate sanctuary and I’ve been using it as such for many years for any, if not every, moments in time I needed to be alone regardless the reason. Use it freely and without shame. *Emotions arise to teach us more about ourself, about our environments, our circumstances, about the people we meet and the the ones we hold dearly. Emotions are THE tool for helping us realize what our true desires and consequently the true person we want to become and are becoming with every calculative reaction and none-reaction to them. Unattended, emotions can become a fog clouding our minds and, in consequence, cloud our path to our highest self.

That’s why, when you are able, find a place where you can scream, yell, cry, shout, laugh hysterically, Mother Earth will never judge you for it, she will always be there to listen. She will instead wipe our tears with her gentle winds, wash away our pain with her rain, warm our hearts with her rays of light and help us push through our harder times by being The ultimate example of adaptation. Go ahead and huge a tree this week 😉.

That is all for today. Have a beautiful and blessed week and remember how Beautiful and Strong you all are. XxoxX