Blog 17; Reprogramming

Blog 17

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“It too shall pass”

I’ve been getting much questions on the action of letting go. Think of it this way, letting go is the path of least resistance. Letting go is dissociating with feelings of pain, anxiety, fears and any feelings that create a set back or pause on our personal growth and or well being. Feelings don’t define who we are, they are merely tools on our path to self discovery. Towards what we truly desire and towards the kind of people we truly are. It’s simply a question of remembering. How do we remember? By reprogramming how our mind now operates This is the essence of the blog this week.

Reprogramming is essential on our path to self-discovery because it helps break down the foundations of fear established early in our childhood. How do we know what we want, when we are so focused on what we don’t want. Can we even tell the difference between feelings of fear and those of love at this point? We know how and what we do not want looks and feels like. What about what we Do want? Pause right now and take 30 sec to see how long it will take to think and feel of something you Do want or makes you happy. I’m sure for most of you, I know in my experiences, it took some time and it felt hard. Reprogramming is in essence reeducating your brain to think towards that which makes your Being sing. Whether we like it or not we are more then our material bodies, we are souls on a mission and our emotions guide us towards it and I guarantee you they will let you know when you have come out of alignment with your true self. Emotions are like the yes and no’s of what you want.

How to start reprogramming? Start by catching yourself in self-sabotaging thoughts. These are usually thoughts that weight you down such as;

“I’ll never get this done”,

“This always happens to me”,

“Whats wrong with me”,

“I’m not good enough”…

This is the funnest part. We are so comfortable with our misery that it becomes second nature. We associate with it and falsely take it as a part of who we are. It’s about braking that habit.  It is about redirect it. Focusing on what makes you smile as soon as your caught. Braking habits should be a fun process because you will now start reminding yourself one by one on what really does make you smile. It will be tough in the beginning like anything we try for the first time but eventually a momentum will start building and it will only get easier and soon enough the things you do want will be crystal clear. See it as a game at start, see it as trying to brake your record of Nokia’ s famous Snake game And importantly Recognize and be proud on the days you do.

Here is one strategy;  keep checking your thought when in conversations, alone or while your concentrated on a task. These thoughts might feel like a train going at full speed. When you catch yourself gently bring the momentum down, instead of radically switching from negative to positive emotions and then getting frustrated when the attempts are not as you’d hoped. Second, let it flow, gently bring the momentum down by respecting and acknowledging your thoughts and feelings. Because those are the thoughts that will guide you towards the ones you want to have and feel. Remember, to every negative thought and/or emotion there is its Opposite hidden between the lines. And from there, start bringing the momentum up towards those beautiful sensations, feelings or images that make you feel good by, as Abraham-Hicks would put it, rampaging your mind with positivity. I think of a sunset when I catch myself with lower vibrational thoughts or start thinking random words towards the way I do want to feel such as, fun, flow, ease, peace, connected, centered, aware…. the list goes on. Until a momentum has lifted off. Now your in control of your mind and where you want it to lead you.

The next is forgive yourself always and for everything. Regardless of the consequences. Over thinking, worrying and holding resentments just takes away time for finding solutions and moving forward. Take it upon yourself to know that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes it’s part of our growth and there are things that are just out of our control and that is ok. It’s what keeps us on our toes, makes life interesting, helps build our creativity but importantly helps us to see through the fog between our wants and need to identify what we truly desire.

It’s all about the journey not the destination. We can choose to face the hardship of going against the heavy stream of life or ride along with it and enjoy every single moment and learn from every wave and bumps we come across. Remember, everything we go through shall pass… eventually, when you let it

If your going to listen to any video this week, watch this 14 min Abraham-Hicks video about the understanding, beauty and benefits of reprogramming and taking control of your mind .

Have an exilarating week filled with growth and lessons learned you Beautiful and Incredible Souls.



Blog 14; “You cant give to Others what you do not have”

Blog 14

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“You can’t give to others what you don’t have.”

All you need is Love.

Last week we talked about one of two emotions that run our decision making, fear. This week we’ll talk about its opposite, which is Love. Love in its purest form, is an incredible emotion to live by. At its purest form, love raises one’s vibration to a whole other level and a lot of times a simple acknowledgement of the person’s being is all it takes.

What do I mean by raising one’s vibration? What are vibrations? Ultimately, what I’ve come to understand is that invisible ripples we use to interact with the world are caused by energy. The height, length and amount of the ripples determine the frequency we run by. This basically runs our engines. Have you ever noticed how coffee just doesn’t cut it some days but a sincere kind and motivational word from people we love and respect, boosts us to a whole new magnitude? Tell a child how amazing he is today and see how much energy that gives him. Love is the highest vibrational emotion of them all and the root of all emotions as such. The power it has when its given freely and without attachment, which is the purest of its kind (will elaborate that statement in later blogs), has the power to move mountains obstructing our goals, heals what some would call incurable diseases and gives hope in situations that seem hopeless. It ultimately makes us feel good about ourselves and everyone deserves to feel that way regardless of their past. Each one of us is just as important as the next and deserves to be treated as such. Always try and give the benefit of the doubt. We all deserve that much. A trick John C. Maxwell reminded me of recently.

Again, everything is in balance. “You can’t give to others what you don’t have”. If you don’t have love for yourself, it will be hard to give it to others. Take the time to look at yourself in the mirror, what are the first thoughts that come to mind? Are they rooted out of love? If they are not, make it so. Always remember, you deserve your own love as much as the next.

A coworker once asked me if I believed in magic. Yes, absolutely, words are magic. They have the power to give wings and let someone sore or crush them to dust. We decide the kind of magic it will be.

Just for this week, give everyone you meet the self-esteem booster they deserve and see the magic of its ripple come back to you 😉.

and of course #AlwaysLove

Title inspired by one of The Beatles’ greatest 😉


Blog 8; What it’s all about


Today’s blog will begin with what this blog is about. As most, if not all, of you already know, for the last 7 years, give or take, I was a complete mess and with no idea as to why. Keeping myself busy with work, projects, school, training, dead end relationships, both the romantic and not, and petty problems, to name a few, thinking that awkward feeling of being alone with myself would eventually go away. Thinking like, I’m sure, most of you, the more I have on my plat the better because that’s what capitalism teaches us and the issues we should be facing are generously postponed. I only recently thought myself how to look internally, as opposed to externally, for answers and that, in it self, changed my life. I faced demons I didn’t know existed. I realized I was not my true authentic self but a vulnerable sponge, soaking up what I believed needed to be soaked up based on socially, culturally and religiously constructed views. Restricting myself from experiences that would have or could have brought me closer to my true self or the opposite, pursuing experiences that I believed were important to pursue based on these elements and a heavy price, that of integrity. Everything that kept me in the dark was finally being put to light and the relationship I had lost with myself was slowly blooming again despite the dark heavy mud.

I couldn’t recognize it then, but the teachers and guides I’ve encountered and the lessons I’ve learned were blessings in disguises. This blog is to remind myself how far I’ve come and to look back at what I’ve learned and On my journey I have encountered incredible people whom, like how once I did, haven’t yet realize how incredible they are and what kind of light lies within. That immensely powerful and beautiful light that lies inside all of us. With that said I’m also writing this blog for anyone who’s ever felt lost or confused at any point of their lives. I hope these blogs help you as much as they are helping me.

I will end this blog today with this; It always gets better. The dark isn’t a scary place and it never has to be faced alone. We are all connected somehow.

Can’t wait to write to you Beautiful and Incredible Souls next week
Have a Beautiful Night

Blog 7; conscious choice; Keeping your blood flowing.


What a day we’ve had. Perfect weather and timing for the next conscious choice; Keeping your blood flowing.

Most cringe when they hear the word “exercise” because they think of sweating, lifting weights, treadmills, _____ <–ill just leave this space blank… A mistake sum people make is that they think they need to be at a gym or take a particular class to be exercising and then its postponed. Right? Until you have time? 😉 Its an amazing first step, the intention is being put out there so your body is already responding to the attempts. Ideas are energies that simply need sustaining.
In reality anything can be turned into an exercise. Siting, walking, standing, they are all exercises, you just need to recognize it as such. The idea of exercise is more then loosing weight. Its getting the blood flowing, strengthening your muscles and reducing stress all in purpose to make your body be a better channel for information coming in and, of course, to get rid of toxins.
What do i mean by this;
When your sitting down or standing up be mindful of your posture. Is your spin elongated. My mom hears this allllll the time. Keep your back straight. Engage your abs. By doing so your not collapsing weight onto your lower spin. With a little imagination you can literally turn anything into an exercise and the conscious effort the brain needs to go threw is workout in itself. If your body is too busy caring for injuries it might be harder for it to concentrate on anything else.
Something else I would recommend is taking walks outside. The simple act of being outside in nature is therapeutic. Walking has a way of getting rid of mind chatter too.

In essence, anything that gets you moving and releases stress by the temporary detachment from worries, will help you see things clearer. I hope these has helped you so far in your journey. Feel free to share and spread the love. Have a Beautiful and Pleasant day  We will meet again!
& Always Love !!

Blog 6; Healty choices; Drugs

Blog 6

Hello all you Beautiful and Strong Souls. We are still on; making conscious healthy choices to better the transferability of information.

As I was saying, we are sensory beings. We respond to different stimuli in order to send, receive and process information. The information we intake can be of high quality or low quality, depending on what’s going on on the inside. I can talk about food but that is not what I want to focus on today. But I will leave you with this; the choices we make with the foods we eat are important but how we think and react to those foods are far greater.

With that said lets focus on drugs. As most of you know, drugs are substances that affect the brain by altering or interfering with the way it communicates with the rest of the body and external world. Im not writing this blog today to say drugs are bad, on the contrary, I believe heathy and conscious use or experimentation of certain drugs can help shed some light on particular subjects. Not that I don’t believe it can’t be done without.

My number one rule for doing any drug (I would even go to the extent of coffee). Is make sure you are in a safe environment with people you love and trust. If your uncomfortable or fearful in your environment and you intake something that will overstimulate these emotions, you might get a disturbing experience called a bad trip. The name says it all. Its not fun. The same can be said for coffee. If your in a stressful environment and you’ve had one too many coffees don’t expect to respond as well as you would in a neutral stay of mind. If your about to give a meeting or teach a class or need to make important decisions, try as much as possible, to take into consideration what substances you intake because this will affect your decision making.

BE RESPONSIBLE. Especially to the young souls out there that are going to have there first Beer or first cocktail. Take it easy. Start learning your limits. Do you really need to take 4 shots of tequila? If you do, do you know how that will affect your body? If your going to be experimenting, experiment wisely. Listen to your gut metaphorically and literally. And never let anyone make you feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to. If your not sure best you don’t do it.

Get information. Before you do anything you’ve never done, ask questions. Do some research. Get different opinions. Get different perspective.

Any drug you decide to take, whether its hard drugs or soft, will have an impact on the quality of information you will be receiving and therefore have an impact on the decision you will be making. Just be conscious about it. And if after that you’ve decided you still want to try, have fun. Life is about experiences, learn what you need to learn and no regrets. Life is too short for regrets 😉

& Always Love

Blog 3; Letting go of resistance

Blog 3

Good morning you Beautiful and Strong Souls. It is time to inject that coffee, tea, protein shake or whatever wakes you up in the morning right into your veins today. Because we are getting to the tough stuff. Letting go of all resistance, going with the flow.

This is still a work in progress on my end Ladies and gents. My apologies to whomever that might concern I think it might be the pigheaded Scorpio side that simply refuses to be wrong Xo 😉

And there is the first step:
The Acknowledgement of resistance. You cant fight resistance with resistance. That just creates more resistance. Am I making my point yet?
You cant fight fire with fire, like you cant solve a problem by throwing bombs. Whether its literally speaking, like the ongoing wars around the world, which we try and persuade ourselves into believing its for the greater good, or metaphorically speaking with our egos and social constructive norms constantly bombarding us with how things ought to be.

With that said the first step is acknowledging the resistance. From there you can attempt to transmute it. You can visualize holding your struggles as a ball of burning hot iron. If you cant seem to let go imagine it getting hotter and hotter until you just cant hold on anymore. With practice you will be letting that ball go sooner and sooner. Some days you wont but thats fine. Whats most important is paying attention to whats going on inside. You can also visualize that same ball of hot iron transforming into anything that brings your mind peace. From a flower blooming to a rainbow exploding with skittles !

Remember that everything is put on your path for a reason. As hard as it might be to admit; Resistance serves a purpose. What that purpose is? No idea yet ! Its still an on going love hate relationship my mind refuses to let go of. Ironic Right. Haha We will be seeing this subject again No worries 😉

Have a Beautiful and Blessed Day
& Always Love

If anyone can tell me the credits of this fabulous painting it would be very appreciated Thanks!