Blog 17; Reprogramming

Blog 17

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“It too shall pass”

I’ve been getting much questions on the action of letting go. Think of it this way, letting go is the path of least resistance. Letting go is dissociating with feelings of pain, anxiety, fears and any feelings that create a set back or pause on our personal growth and or well being. Feelings don’t define who we are, they are merely tools on our path to self discovery. Towards what we truly desire and towards the kind of people we truly are. It’s simply a question of remembering. How do we remember? By reprogramming how our mind now operates This is the essence of the blog this week.

Reprogramming is essential on our path to self-discovery because it helps break down the foundations of fear established early in our childhood. How do we know what we want, when we are so focused on what we don’t want. Can we even tell the difference between feelings of fear and those of love at this point? We know how and what we do not want looks and feels like. What about what we Do want? Pause right now and take 30 sec to see how long it will take to think and feel of something you Do want or makes you happy. I’m sure for most of you, I know in my experiences, it took some time and it felt hard. Reprogramming is in essence reeducating your brain to think towards that which makes your Being sing. Whether we like it or not we are more then our material bodies, we are souls on a mission and our emotions guide us towards it and I guarantee you they will let you know when you have come out of alignment with your true self. Emotions are like the yes and no’s of what you want.

How to start reprogramming? Start by catching yourself in self-sabotaging thoughts. These are usually thoughts that weight you down such as;

“I’ll never get this done”,

“This always happens to me”,

“Whats wrong with me”,

“I’m not good enough”…

This is the funnest part. We are so comfortable with our misery that it becomes second nature. We associate with it and falsely take it as a part of who we are. It’s about braking that habit.  It is about redirect it. Focusing on what makes you smile as soon as your caught. Braking habits should be a fun process because you will now start reminding yourself one by one on what really does make you smile. It will be tough in the beginning like anything we try for the first time but eventually a momentum will start building and it will only get easier and soon enough the things you do want will be crystal clear. See it as a game at start, see it as trying to brake your record of Nokia’ s famous Snake game And importantly Recognize and be proud on the days you do.

Here is one strategy;  keep checking your thought when in conversations, alone or while your concentrated on a task. These thoughts might feel like a train going at full speed. When you catch yourself gently bring the momentum down, instead of radically switching from negative to positive emotions and then getting frustrated when the attempts are not as you’d hoped. Second, let it flow, gently bring the momentum down by respecting and acknowledging your thoughts and feelings. Because those are the thoughts that will guide you towards the ones you want to have and feel. Remember, to every negative thought and/or emotion there is its Opposite hidden between the lines. And from there, start bringing the momentum up towards those beautiful sensations, feelings or images that make you feel good by, as Abraham-Hicks would put it, rampaging your mind with positivity. I think of a sunset when I catch myself with lower vibrational thoughts or start thinking random words towards the way I do want to feel such as, fun, flow, ease, peace, connected, centered, aware…. the list goes on. Until a momentum has lifted off. Now your in control of your mind and where you want it to lead you.

The next is forgive yourself always and for everything. Regardless of the consequences. Over thinking, worrying and holding resentments just takes away time for finding solutions and moving forward. Take it upon yourself to know that there is nothing wrong with making mistakes it’s part of our growth and there are things that are just out of our control and that is ok. It’s what keeps us on our toes, makes life interesting, helps build our creativity but importantly helps us to see through the fog between our wants and need to identify what we truly desire.

It’s all about the journey not the destination. We can choose to face the hardship of going against the heavy stream of life or ride along with it and enjoy every single moment and learn from every wave and bumps we come across. Remember, everything we go through shall pass… eventually, when you let it

If your going to listen to any video this week, watch this 14 min Abraham-Hicks video about the understanding, beauty and benefits of reprogramming and taking control of your mind .

Have an exilarating week filled with growth and lessons learned you Beautiful and Incredible Souls.



Blog 16; Letting Go

Blog 16

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Be Free

Letting go is never easy. It’s something I didn’t understand; I still get confused at times. Its only when you start letting go that you realize how much there is to let go. There are so many things that do not serve us anymore but that we still hold on too. Whether it’s a passed relationship, images of past, present and future endeavours of what has, could haves, or might bes. Relationships that hinder our growth, foods and addictions we push our bodies to consume despite the after math, How people think about us; family as much, if not more, then none members. We go to the point of altering our self-image and self-worth as deep as the subconscious level just to accommodate to biased opinions imposed on us by individuals that think they know best. We respond to these out of fears of being judged and most common of then all, fear of loosing the most desired emotion; Love….

And it is there the art of Conditional Love is born. We hide not or impose, not to offend or to validate our feelings. We let our mind consume us, impose our expectations and desired conditions or we tuck ourselves away until we can’t handle it anymore. Then it comes down too, who’s feelings should be prioritized. We are all here on a journey and part of that journey is to strip away all that no longer serves us including some deep ingrained foundations that our lives are build on. In other words letting go.
If we kept these self deprecating foundation women still would not have the right to vote, Gandhi wouldn’t be Gandhi as we know him now and all these amazing stories about people pushing boundaries physically, mentally and spiritually would just be myths.

Letting go is respecting yourself enough to know that holding on will bring nothing. It will only take away your power of loving. Letting go is honouring who we truly are and who we truly are is not defined by the limits we let ourselves or others impose on us. Letting go is freeing yourself.

Enjoy this beautiful and blessed rainy day. Let it wash away all that no longer serve you.

Image from Colette Baron-Reid ‘s “Wisdom of the house of night “card deck. It’s meant to be that easy.

L3 Challenge Day 5: Think as if no one is coming to save you..


#Challenge5: Think as if no one is coming to save you.

1-#JustForToday: Visualize who you want to be.
If you are still having trouble with this, It’s ok, give yourself an alter ego Whatever empowers your Being. A friend calls herself Sasha Fierce!

2- #JustForToday: Calm down mind chatter.
This takes practice just remember that practice makes perfect. There is only two more days to go.

3- #JustForToday: Commit.
Be the example.

4- #JustForToday: Do something for yourself.
Remember to give some time for yourself, you deserve it.

5- #JustForToday: Think as if no one is coming to save you.
We are not here to be saved. Having this mind set gives us the opportunity to take back our power, to be our own hero. We are all connected but ultimately the best thing we can do for ourselves is believe in ourselves. Xx

L3 Challenge Day 4: Do something for yourself


#Challenge4: Do something for yourself and turn it into a ritual

1-#JustForToday: Visualize the person you want to be.
If you are still having trouble doing this, I know I am, try thinking of all the individuals whom have inspired you so far. What about them inspire you towards this person you know, or at least your subconscious knows, is inside? That person who has done, said or dared things you have only thought of and have always wanted to explore. The friend that stood their ground or the performer that killed it on stage. Our feelings, intuition, is your compass**. 

2- #JustForToday: Calm down mind chatter.
Just for today stick with calming down mind chatter. It’s the hardest one but with the most substantial results. You are doing awesome, keep it up!

3- #JustForToday: Commit.
Commit to integrity. Just for today, do one thing that is in alignment with the being you want to be. Be the example

4- #JustForToday: Do something for yourself and turn it into a ritual.
Just for today, take 5 min, at least, for yourself. You deserve your own attention as much as the next. Yes I am once again putting a great amount of emphasis in regards to this! Do something that makes you feel good about yourself and relaxed. This challenge is to an extra importance this time because it is used in reconnecting with ourselves and reconnecting with ourselves is, as already mentioned, leadership 101. We can’t lead if we don’t know where we are leading too.

We know where we are leading too, when we know who we are.

We know who we are, when we have found ourself.

And we find our higher self, when we are responding in accordance with the greater good for ourself and for all.

The greatest Love of them all. Take this time for yourself and turn it as a ritual, make it sacred part of your day. It’s important. So just for today, take that 5 mins for yourself and sit alone on the stairs in front of your office. Or get that 5$ iced caramel frappuccino your crazing so much and enjoy every sip. Go for that jog, put on that mascara and or eyeliner your didn’t have time to put on this morning.

**Refer to week 5 blog 12

Blog 12;“Emotions are like wild Horses”

Blog 12

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“Emotions are like wild Horses”

Emotions are like wild horses and, as scary as they may seem, they need to run free. Last week we talked about the importance of being alone with ourselves, this week we will focus on releasing certain tensions by first acknowledging but importantly by being honest with our feelings and just let them run their course. Doing so with no or minimal destruction of course is ideal. This means, if you are sad, cry. If you are angry, scream. If you are scared, acknowledge it, write it down in a journal or on a piece of paper. Go even further, why not, burn that piece of paper and give it to Mother Earth. Let her hear what’s inside your heart. Talk about it to someone who cares and importantly LET IT ALL GO. If you have a hard time with doing so, put all your worries and your frights into a ball of energy, envision the color it would look like and throw it up into the universe and have it take care of the rest. Let it be lifted off your shoulders . Or send it down to Mother Earth so it could be healed and restored like new.

Unattended emotions can create unnecessary blockages in the body, mind and especially spirit. We all know and have witnessed what emotions do to the body and what kind of damage an uncontrollable outburst of bottled emotions could lead up to internally and externally. A volcano eruption. This can be avoided by a simple awareness and respect to yourself and how you truly feel. If you are in a position where it cannot be dealt with right away, take a deep breath and get to them as soon as possible. The bathroom in general is my ultimate sanctuary and I’ve been using it as such for many years for any, if not every, moments in time I needed to be alone regardless the reason. Use it freely and without shame. *Emotions arise to teach us more about ourself, about our environments, our circumstances, about the people we meet and the the ones we hold dearly. Emotions are THE tool for helping us realize what our true desires and consequently the true person we want to become and are becoming with every calculative reaction and none-reaction to them. Unattended, emotions can become a fog clouding our minds and, in consequence, cloud our path to our highest self.

That’s why, when you are able, find a place where you can scream, yell, cry, shout, laugh hysterically, Mother Earth will never judge you for it, she will always be there to listen. She will instead wipe our tears with her gentle winds, wash away our pain with her rain, warm our hearts with her rays of light and help us push through our harder times by being The ultimate example of adaptation. Go ahead and huge a tree this week 😉.

That is all for today. Have a beautiful and blessed week and remember how Beautiful and Strong you all are. XxoxX