L3 Challenge Day #2: Mind Chatter


#Challenge2: Mind Chatter

1- #JustForToday : Visualize the person you want to be.
Take this a step further now, feel and act as if you were that person right now. You are this person.

2-#JustForToday: Calm down mind chatter.

I can’t stress it enough. Monitoring thoughts. Overthinking,  takes up a lot of time and time can’t be bought back. It fogs the mind from seeing solutions. A leader is able to take control of his mind, better assess and respond to the challenges of life. I emphasize the word respond because when our mind is running free with negativity we tend to react as oppose to respond. And the outcome of reacting is generally an explosive kind.

Just for today, choose your thoughts and avoid Overthinking, avoid people who have tendencies of complaining or who simply  are upsetting your well being at the moment. Take breaks and find moment for yourself even if it is simply looking yourself in the eye in the bathroom mirror