Blog 14; “You cant give to Others what you do not have”

Blog 14

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“You can’t give to others what you don’t have.”

All you need is Love.

Last week we talked about one of two emotions that run our decision making, fear. This week we’ll talk about its opposite, which is Love. Love in its purest form, is an incredible emotion to live by. At its purest form, love raises one’s vibration to a whole other level and a lot of times a simple acknowledgement of the person’s being is all it takes.

What do I mean by raising one’s vibration? What are vibrations? Ultimately, what I’ve come to understand is that invisible ripples we use to interact with the world are caused by energy. The height, length and amount of the ripples determine the frequency we run by. This basically runs our engines. Have you ever noticed how coffee just doesn’t cut it some days but a sincere kind and motivational word from people we love and respect, boosts us to a whole new magnitude? Tell a child how amazing he is today and see how much energy that gives him. Love is the highest vibrational emotion of them all and the root of all emotions as such. The power it has when its given freely and without attachment, which is the purest of its kind (will elaborate that statement in later blogs), has the power to move mountains obstructing our goals, heals what some would call incurable diseases and gives hope in situations that seem hopeless. It ultimately makes us feel good about ourselves and everyone deserves to feel that way regardless of their past. Each one of us is just as important as the next and deserves to be treated as such. Always try and give the benefit of the doubt. We all deserve that much. A trick John C. Maxwell reminded me of recently.

Again, everything is in balance. “You can’t give to others what you don’t have”. If you don’t have love for yourself, it will be hard to give it to others. Take the time to look at yourself in the mirror, what are the first thoughts that come to mind? Are they rooted out of love? If they are not, make it so. Always remember, you deserve your own love as much as the next.

A coworker once asked me if I believed in magic. Yes, absolutely, words are magic. They have the power to give wings and let someone sore or crush them to dust. We decide the kind of magic it will be.

Just for this week, give everyone you meet the self-esteem booster they deserve and see the magic of its ripple come back to you 😉.

and of course #AlwaysLove

Title inspired by one of The Beatles’ greatest 😉



Blog 12;“Emotions are like wild Horses”

Blog 12

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“Emotions are like wild Horses”

Emotions are like wild horses and, as scary as they may seem, they need to run free. Last week we talked about the importance of being alone with ourselves, this week we will focus on releasing certain tensions by first acknowledging but importantly by being honest with our feelings and just let them run their course. Doing so with no or minimal destruction of course is ideal. This means, if you are sad, cry. If you are angry, scream. If you are scared, acknowledge it, write it down in a journal or on a piece of paper. Go even further, why not, burn that piece of paper and give it to Mother Earth. Let her hear what’s inside your heart. Talk about it to someone who cares and importantly LET IT ALL GO. If you have a hard time with doing so, put all your worries and your frights into a ball of energy, envision the color it would look like and throw it up into the universe and have it take care of the rest. Let it be lifted off your shoulders . Or send it down to Mother Earth so it could be healed and restored like new.

Unattended emotions can create unnecessary blockages in the body, mind and especially spirit. We all know and have witnessed what emotions do to the body and what kind of damage an uncontrollable outburst of bottled emotions could lead up to internally and externally. A volcano eruption. This can be avoided by a simple awareness and respect to yourself and how you truly feel. If you are in a position where it cannot be dealt with right away, take a deep breath and get to them as soon as possible. The bathroom in general is my ultimate sanctuary and I’ve been using it as such for many years for any, if not every, moments in time I needed to be alone regardless the reason. Use it freely and without shame. *Emotions arise to teach us more about ourself, about our environments, our circumstances, about the people we meet and the the ones we hold dearly. Emotions are THE tool for helping us realize what our true desires and consequently the true person we want to become and are becoming with every calculative reaction and none-reaction to them. Unattended, emotions can become a fog clouding our minds and, in consequence, cloud our path to our highest self.

That’s why, when you are able, find a place where you can scream, yell, cry, shout, laugh hysterically, Mother Earth will never judge you for it, she will always be there to listen. She will instead wipe our tears with her gentle winds, wash away our pain with her rain, warm our hearts with her rays of light and help us push through our harder times by being The ultimate example of adaptation. Go ahead and huge a tree this week 😉.

That is all for today. Have a beautiful and blessed week and remember how Beautiful and Strong you all are. XxoxX

Blog11; Being alone with yourself

Blog 11

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Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to be alone with ourselves. Society has a way of distracting us from every angle. It’s not for nothing, there is millions being invested in marketing just for that. To distract us, to hypnotize us but importantly to reach us at a subconscious level for means of manipulation, whatever the purpose may be. Remember however that one needs to accept to be manipulated. Accepting doesn’t mean wanting, it simply implies that at a certain level, weither it is subconscious or not, we accepted and stored the information being thrown at us without really taking the time to fully understand what that entitled and what is at stake. In other words, it’s a great way for not taking responsibility of our actions and/or thoughts. However the importance of being alone goes beyond taking control of our mind. If we truly want to know who we are, where we want to be, or where we want to go, that personal time is absolutely crucial. The answers we seek are all within. Remember this statement because we will come back to it again. We have everything we need within us as long as we keep our intentions clear and pure. Being alone gives us the chance to be one with ourselves. Silence is a blessing Take it as such. Push this notion a little further and take yourself out on a date, just your body, mind and your soul. It will give you a chance to truly see your likes and dislikes. It will teach you how you want to be treated and in consequence, it will let you see how you let others treat you. What would you do if you where to take yourself out on a date? I will leave you with that though 😉

Have a great day you Beautiful and Strong Souls xXOXx
& #AlwaysLove