Blog 10; Staying Connected

Blog 10


Yesterday was my sisters baby shower and if some of you don’t know, the energies that can be build up in a room due to egos clashing, stress, and wanting everything to be perfect are raised to another level. This is the case for any highly emotionally charged environment and/or situation. Sometimes it feels like your disarmed going into a void sky where anything can and will happen. I’ve had a lot of questions on meditation and weather or not it help’s keep composure. Yes, absolutely. Meditation is a tool I use daily, it’s easy, you can use it anywhere and it’s free. Better then any pill you can take because your building skills verses pushing the problem or situation aside. For these specific situations, meditation will give you more of, what we say in Croatian; strpljenje, patience. Regardless if you believe it or not, I’m sure we can all agree that there is no such thing as too much patience. Meditation, helps build our focus by making us better at eliminating distracting thoughts, emotions and/or daydreams that might infiltrate, flood and confuse our mind. I’ve already given a general description on how to meditate and its benefits, today I want to deepen the conceptualization for you by adding grounding. I’m in waits right now to finish my masters in Reiki and the journey has shed light on personal and universal mysteries and staying grounded is one that always comes back. Grounding simply means staying connected to source, your source being your environment and yourself. Lets push the idea of source here and include God or the celeste or whatever external source you relate to and push the idea of environment including Mother Nature to her core. I’m sure we can all agree that; We are Beings, using energy to interact whit one another by means of different “vibes”, vibrations, we receive. And these vibrations are channeled in regardless if you’re body and mind are able and ready to obtain these information. By staying focused and connected to what goes around us we are better equipped to face on these incoming vibrations/ info. Now lets do so with a grounding exercise. Visualize the exercise while you read and see how you feel. And absolutely feel free to share your opinion and/or your experience with us.
After you’ve read everything; Close your eyes, while adjusting your back to an upright position press your feet gently and comfortably enough to acknowledge their presence. Then imagine a grounding cord starting from the tip of the end of your spine going all the way down to Mother Earth’s magmatic core. You’ll feel your back straightening unintentionally, if it helps you can visualize roots coming out of your feet digging threw anything in the way, all the way into the ground again all the way down to the core. You will automatically feel like you have a firmer foundation. The clearer the channel, the stronger the foundation. From there you can take it another step and visualize a red magmatic light coming up the cord up threw your feet regenerating you. I will be talking about this part in details in later blogs.

From there imagine a cord starting from the top of your head aiming all the way to the sun and feel free to go beyond that. Again take it another step now and imagine a beautiful golden white light coming down and regenerating you once more.

You’re grounded. Apply it whenever and wherever you can. Regardless if its for mediation or not. Especially when you get overwhelmed. With enough practice you will connect automatically to your environment and eventually to source whichever that may be without having to think about it. That statement we keep hearing by great spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle“Stay in the present moment” in part is grounding, and bringing yourself back to a state of equilibrium, regaining focus of your true self and responding as such. 🙂

Happy Wednesday you Beautiful and Incredible Souls.
& #AlwaysLove


Blog 9; The Ego




Glad to be back on week 2 with my official 9th blog. What a week, this whole month to date has been a month of intense turnovers and incredible synchronicities. Que Sera seems to be the theme. How are you ladies and gents feeling so far along April? I would love to get your feedback! Throughout these incredible conversions, depending on how you are experiencing them, there has been one recurring topic, that of ego. Almost considered as taboo simply to the thought of it. A bad habit I’ve had a hard time quitting. An old friend I had great trouble letting go due to emotional vampirism… And yet still a good friend, because she reminds us, that we always have a choice. The choice to act in alignment with our higher self, which some consider to be our true and authentic self, or the opposite, I will state our lower self, influenced by greed and anger to name a few. She gives us the choice to feed one of two dragons that lingers within us all; the dragon of our fears or the dragon of unconditional love. She’s there to remind us just what kind of person we want to be, by facing mirrors through our own actions and through the actions of others. She* tests our patience, motives, our benevolence, and most importantly, she tests, as I mentioned, our true selves at the core. Every significant and what we believe to be insignificant moment provides us the chance to get that much closer to whom we believe to be our true authentic self. One great tool to our disposal in finding clues to predict our reaction or choices to them is our body. This week, apart from meditation and taking time for yourself 😉, try and pay attention to every movement and see how you feel about them. Do you move with confidence or with fear? Is your movement now altered by your awareness of such? Now try doing this exercise even more so during more emotional circumstances such as arguments or disputes and when the bombs are thrown, observe as much as you can to your reaction and how that reaction affects the outcomes. When you practice enough you will successfully be able to step out of your body and see the big picture. After that let your intuition lead the way. Your intuition is an incredible way for your soul to communicate with you. Once you build that skill it will become second nature. And when your second nature is aligned with mind, body and soul the chances of you now making the right decisions multiply. However the most important part to this exercise is; Regardless of what happens, forgive yourself. Through the wise wisdoms of amazing spiritual teachers remember “You have done nothing wrong”. Pick yourself up, learn and as much as possible crystalize the lesson and always try again.

Thank you from both my blog and I for the honor of sharing in on your beautiful Tuesday  Enjoy Springs official week back to #Montreal in hopes it doesn’t shy away 😉 Have a beautiful and blessed week filled with magical epiphanies you
Awesome SoulS.
& #AlwaysLove

Comments, questions and/or opinions are fully encouraged! Feel free to comment below or via private message. Thank you again

*note: “She” is my egoic representation, yours could be represented as a he, as the combination of both or whatever resonates with you.

Shame is deft no in her vocabulary.

Blog 8; What it’s all about


Today’s blog will begin with what this blog is about. As most, if not all, of you already know, for the last 7 years, give or take, I was a complete mess and with no idea as to why. Keeping myself busy with work, projects, school, training, dead end relationships, both the romantic and not, and petty problems, to name a few, thinking that awkward feeling of being alone with myself would eventually go away. Thinking like, I’m sure, most of you, the more I have on my plat the better because that’s what capitalism teaches us and the issues we should be facing are generously postponed. I only recently thought myself how to look internally, as opposed to externally, for answers and that, in it self, changed my life. I faced demons I didn’t know existed. I realized I was not my true authentic self but a vulnerable sponge, soaking up what I believed needed to be soaked up based on socially, culturally and religiously constructed views. Restricting myself from experiences that would have or could have brought me closer to my true self or the opposite, pursuing experiences that I believed were important to pursue based on these elements and a heavy price, that of integrity. Everything that kept me in the dark was finally being put to light and the relationship I had lost with myself was slowly blooming again despite the dark heavy mud.

I couldn’t recognize it then, but the teachers and guides I’ve encountered and the lessons I’ve learned were blessings in disguises. This blog is to remind myself how far I’ve come and to look back at what I’ve learned and On my journey I have encountered incredible people whom, like how once I did, haven’t yet realize how incredible they are and what kind of light lies within. That immensely powerful and beautiful light that lies inside all of us. With that said I’m also writing this blog for anyone who’s ever felt lost or confused at any point of their lives. I hope these blogs help you as much as they are helping me.

I will end this blog today with this; It always gets better. The dark isn’t a scary place and it never has to be faced alone. We are all connected somehow.

Can’t wait to write to you Beautiful and Incredible Souls next week
Have a Beautiful Night

Blog 7; conscious choice; Keeping your blood flowing.


What a day we’ve had. Perfect weather and timing for the next conscious choice; Keeping your blood flowing.

Most cringe when they hear the word “exercise” because they think of sweating, lifting weights, treadmills, _____ <–ill just leave this space blank… A mistake sum people make is that they think they need to be at a gym or take a particular class to be exercising and then its postponed. Right? Until you have time? 😉 Its an amazing first step, the intention is being put out there so your body is already responding to the attempts. Ideas are energies that simply need sustaining.
In reality anything can be turned into an exercise. Siting, walking, standing, they are all exercises, you just need to recognize it as such. The idea of exercise is more then loosing weight. Its getting the blood flowing, strengthening your muscles and reducing stress all in purpose to make your body be a better channel for information coming in and, of course, to get rid of toxins.
What do i mean by this;
When your sitting down or standing up be mindful of your posture. Is your spin elongated. My mom hears this allllll the time. Keep your back straight. Engage your abs. By doing so your not collapsing weight onto your lower spin. With a little imagination you can literally turn anything into an exercise and the conscious effort the brain needs to go threw is workout in itself. If your body is too busy caring for injuries it might be harder for it to concentrate on anything else.
Something else I would recommend is taking walks outside. The simple act of being outside in nature is therapeutic. Walking has a way of getting rid of mind chatter too.

In essence, anything that gets you moving and releases stress by the temporary detachment from worries, will help you see things clearer. I hope these has helped you so far in your journey. Feel free to share and spread the love. Have a Beautiful and Pleasant day  We will meet again!
& Always Love !!

Blog 6; Healty choices; Drugs

Blog 6

Hello all you Beautiful and Strong Souls. We are still on; making conscious healthy choices to better the transferability of information.

As I was saying, we are sensory beings. We respond to different stimuli in order to send, receive and process information. The information we intake can be of high quality or low quality, depending on what’s going on on the inside. I can talk about food but that is not what I want to focus on today. But I will leave you with this; the choices we make with the foods we eat are important but how we think and react to those foods are far greater.

With that said lets focus on drugs. As most of you know, drugs are substances that affect the brain by altering or interfering with the way it communicates with the rest of the body and external world. Im not writing this blog today to say drugs are bad, on the contrary, I believe heathy and conscious use or experimentation of certain drugs can help shed some light on particular subjects. Not that I don’t believe it can’t be done without.

My number one rule for doing any drug (I would even go to the extent of coffee). Is make sure you are in a safe environment with people you love and trust. If your uncomfortable or fearful in your environment and you intake something that will overstimulate these emotions, you might get a disturbing experience called a bad trip. The name says it all. Its not fun. The same can be said for coffee. If your in a stressful environment and you’ve had one too many coffees don’t expect to respond as well as you would in a neutral stay of mind. If your about to give a meeting or teach a class or need to make important decisions, try as much as possible, to take into consideration what substances you intake because this will affect your decision making.

BE RESPONSIBLE. Especially to the young souls out there that are going to have there first Beer or first cocktail. Take it easy. Start learning your limits. Do you really need to take 4 shots of tequila? If you do, do you know how that will affect your body? If your going to be experimenting, experiment wisely. Listen to your gut metaphorically and literally. And never let anyone make you feel like you have to do anything you don’t want to. If your not sure best you don’t do it.

Get information. Before you do anything you’ve never done, ask questions. Do some research. Get different opinions. Get different perspective.

Any drug you decide to take, whether its hard drugs or soft, will have an impact on the quality of information you will be receiving and therefore have an impact on the decision you will be making. Just be conscious about it. And if after that you’ve decided you still want to try, have fun. Life is about experiences, learn what you need to learn and no regrets. Life is too short for regrets 😉

& Always Love

Blog 5; Conscious choices: Day #1

Blog 5

Good morning you Beautiful and Strong Souls. The next couple of days will be about making conscious healthy choices.

Your body is your channel for all kinds of information. We are vibrational beings, meaning we respond to the vibrations of many different stimuli every second so to transform them into the required information for the best possible response at the best possible moment. The choices we make facilitate or hinder the transferability and the quality of the information. So try as much as possible to be mindful of what you do and the substances you intake on a daily basis, particularly when important decisions are being made.Today I will be concentrating on mind chatter

Calm down the mind chatter:

This one is the most important of them all. Your mind is a beautiful organism but importantly an incredible machine and more so, tool. This is where decision makings are made and executions take place. Try and pay as much attention, if not more, to how your mind works and how it responds to your environment as you do anything else in your life. Remember you should be in control of your thoughts not have them control your behaviour and you. Choose to stop the addictive patterns and behaviours now. An effective tool is Meditation. My friends who know me well know I say this often but only because it truly is the best kind of tool 😉. A bit hard in the beginning but like any knew habit practice makes perfect
-Start with the amount of time you feel is right for you. Whether its 30 seconds to a min to 5 min to an hour the important part is when you’ve decided, Commit.
-If you can run and hide somewhere calm, where you will not be bothered, do it. Even if it’s in the bathroom! If you can’t that’s fine too, the only difference is that you might have to switch your attention internally and externally until the time is up.
-Try and concentrate on your breathing. Pay close attention to the inhale. To the freshness of the air, to the path it takes. To your lungs, how it expands and retracts. Pay attention to your heart beat. If you can, go even deeper, go to a cellular level. Feel your cells harmoniously interacting with each other. If in your body they aren’t harmonious send them all love 🙂 Try and calm your heart beat or just observe it. Observe which ever part of the body you’d like.

Congratulations you’ve calm down the mind chatter 😉 Even if it was for only 10 second. That is still 10 second your body profited from clear cut uninterrupted peace. When you have reached a comfort zone with the amount you have chosen, increase it progressively  as much and as soon as you can.

This could be done anywhere. Take it upon yourselves to apply it daily and more often then not in a calm environment. Add to your daily routine like you would eating or brushing your teeth. This is a fantastic tool to calm stress and/or anxiety and to increase the awareness of your body. By calming down stress, the susceptibility of information flow, awareness and quality are incredibly increased. In addition, by increasing body awareness you strengthen the communication bonds between your body and you. Your body is your gateway to peace and happiness ‪#‎Honor‬ and ‪#‎Respect‬ it

There are tons of variations of meditation. Feel free to research the one that works best for you or feel free to ask me as many questions you need. YouTube is my greatest ally in my mission towards taking back the control panels of my mind.

With that said, have a Beautiful and Amazing Day
& Always LoVe

Blog 4; How incredible you are

Blog 4

Happy Sunday all you Beautiful and exquisitely Strong Souls And Happy‪#‎WomensDay‬. Today I dedicate this blog just to that. To all the beautiful and wonderful women that I have encountered and whom inspired me to be the incredible person I am today. This will be honoured by teaching AllWomen how to love themselves and by recognizing 3 outstanding women in my life right now.

Sometimes in life we are so busy sending everyone else love and reminding everyone else how special they are. With the help of vast residual energies and the collective consciousness of pre-conceived ideas and/or beliefs, we forget to stop and thank ourselves and remind ourselves just how beautiful and incredible we are.

These are awesome tricks that helped and are still helping me threw dark times;
The most effective one is sending love. Sending love is important but First: Start by sending love to yourself, from there it will radiate onto others. We are not here living life to teach others how to love us. We are here to learn to love ourselves authentically and unconditionally. Visualize pure white light radiating from the center of your chest and let that light embody you. Imagine it being the physical aspect of unconditional love. How do you feel? What areas of the body or your life are in need of more love? Or look at yourself in the mirror and only say things that make your heart blossom with gratitude.

Second: Be kind to yourself. Always forgive yourself no matter how small or big the dilemma. As I mentioned before everything is placed on our path to teach us what we need to know at that moment. Honore it and then let it go.

Limit what bombards you in your environment. Remember that everything in essence is energy, frequency and vibrations. Take 5 mins and scan your environment, scan what the repetitive behaviour or patterns are in your social media cercles. Are they more inclined on being positive or negative energies? Negative energies can sometime’s feel like a truck is hitting you at full speed. Cut as much as you can out. Sometimes that means cutting some people out temporarily or permanently. It’s fine, your paths might meet again. In the meantime Send them love and respect them on there journey.

Third: And this one is inspired by the bright young ladies and women I was blessed to meet yesterday at ‪#‎Sebastian‬‘s ‪#‎ABAMONTREAL‬ hair show preparation yesterday. Keep asking questions. As long as your asking questions your moving forward. Regardless of the subject. Even if it is too yourself. This empowers us, gives us knowledge, it builds our intuition, teaches us where and where not to get information, amongst so many other things.

Last: Ask for help. Ill never stress this enough. Respect yourself enough to accept what you so lovingly give away every single day. If you constantly refuse it to yourself you are stating that your not worthy of that love.Too many times have I stubbornly refused help or did not ask for help, thinking it would make me weak and unworthy of the goals I set. But in reality it does just the opposite. We give each other strength we have to embrace that.

Apply these as many times as you can in your life and I assure you it will fine 🙂 Darkness cannot survive in the presence of Light 😉

With that said I would like to recognize my dentist and amazing friend Sheila Badra-De Celles for teaching me that real beauty lies within. By always aligning her actions with pure kindness and integrity.

My lawyer…, If i can legally say that yet, Mahsa Khoshbin for teaching me about speaking my truth and determination. By always pushing threw the thick and thins of life regardless of the obstacles by facing them truthfully.

Last but not least, my mom, Vedrana Gregov which some of you might know, is an incredibly beautiful and strong soul. She has thought me everything she needed to teach me about life and I can sometime see a sadness in her eyes when the realization dawns on her about her little princesses growing up. But I reassure you mom that I have always and will always need and appreciate your love and guidance. Thank you.

Take this time to recognize silently or expressively one incredible female figure in your life and see how that makes you feel 🙂

Have a Beautiful and Blessed Night
& Always Love


Blog 3; Letting go of resistance

Blog 3

Good morning you Beautiful and Strong Souls. It is time to inject that coffee, tea, protein shake or whatever wakes you up in the morning right into your veins today. Because we are getting to the tough stuff. Letting go of all resistance, going with the flow.

This is still a work in progress on my end Ladies and gents. My apologies to whomever that might concern I think it might be the pigheaded Scorpio side that simply refuses to be wrong Xo 😉

And there is the first step:
The Acknowledgement of resistance. You cant fight resistance with resistance. That just creates more resistance. Am I making my point yet?
You cant fight fire with fire, like you cant solve a problem by throwing bombs. Whether its literally speaking, like the ongoing wars around the world, which we try and persuade ourselves into believing its for the greater good, or metaphorically speaking with our egos and social constructive norms constantly bombarding us with how things ought to be.

With that said the first step is acknowledging the resistance. From there you can attempt to transmute it. You can visualize holding your struggles as a ball of burning hot iron. If you cant seem to let go imagine it getting hotter and hotter until you just cant hold on anymore. With practice you will be letting that ball go sooner and sooner. Some days you wont but thats fine. Whats most important is paying attention to whats going on inside. You can also visualize that same ball of hot iron transforming into anything that brings your mind peace. From a flower blooming to a rainbow exploding with skittles !

Remember that everything is put on your path for a reason. As hard as it might be to admit; Resistance serves a purpose. What that purpose is? No idea yet ! Its still an on going love hate relationship my mind refuses to let go of. Ironic Right. Haha We will be seeing this subject again No worries 😉

Have a Beautiful and Blessed Day
& Always Love

If anyone can tell me the credits of this fabulous painting it would be very appreciated Thanks!


Blog 2; Staying true to yourself

Blog 2

Rise and shine you Beautiful and Strong Individuals. Today is all about integrity, staying true to yourself.

Part of loving your self is healing yourself. By aligning your actions with your internal compass. This compass will point to anywhere you hold your thoughts, regardless of the amount of times. So always try and aim it towards what you believe is right. Meaning, based on no one else’s code of conduct but your own.

Why is this important? Because the moment you don’t, you create a misalignment with your values. This is in essence what makes you who you are. And if your not in alignment with who you truly are down at the core, its a bit harder to love yourself. Don’t worry if you have trouble doing so. Values are constantly transmuting based on new information and new experiences and Misalignment is not something we learn in school. Which is perfectly fine, because you are now aware that you are in control of your thoughts.

How does this work;
Pay attention to your body. How does it react when you say or do anything. Do you have an unusual or awkward feeling or pressure anywhere. Is it in the stomach area or chest, where your heart is located 😉? When you pin point the tension; The second step is to acquire the necessary time to acknowledge it. This could be during the moment or 5 minutes in between brakes or even before going to bed. Simply to see whats up and thanking your body for communicating what no longer or might no longer serve you and anything else you need to know at that moment. Our body is a great tool for our soul and spirit. Try and always respect and acknowledge it by healing it with that white light of pure love, especially when all else fails 😉

Last step; Turn this into a healthy habit and it will become a great tool. Just remember the fun part is getting back up after falling down. A child learning how to walk is always laughing and determined when they fall over. In essence you can say they are the purest form of self love. Don’t you agree? There is a lot we can learn about ourselves threw the eyes of a child. Always honor and respect your lessons.

Have a Beautiful Day
& Always Love

My first ever blog; Self acceptance

Once upon a time on March 5 2015 I decided to start a blog on Facebook’s page AllWomen. ( , for those who are interested)

This is what I wrote.

Blog 1;

Ok you beautiful and strong People. Today is all about self acceptance, self love.

Sometimes its easier said then done. We don’t realize how hard it can be until we stop and really think about what that implies. It implies loving yourself unconditionally without any judgements whatsoever because ultimately in the end thats all we have. If we keep judging ourselves and putting limitations on our souls or letting others do so, will never truly understand and reap the benefits of this kind of love and ultimately we will always feel like life cheated us out on something. Something that ultimately, in essence, is our birth right.

And how do we start on doing so.
First step: Pay attention to your thoughts right now. Are you asking yourself that exact question? If you are, you are already ahead of the game. You know that your not loving yourself unconditionally. From there you make choices. You choose to keep loving yourself conditionally or you take action steps towards constantly surrounding yourself with whatever makes you experience and feel that unconditional love. Or if circumstances don’t permit it; Visualize that warm and beautiful white light that we so often associate with pure love bursting out of your chest and melting away anything holding you back from your dreams and aspirations.

That ultimately could be the first step. Remember each one of us is on a journey. The experience is ours to choose. We are here to help each other threw these waves of misunderstandings and doubt. And most importantly to celebrate the accomplishments. We’ve come along way ladies and gents We should be damn proud!

And with that said I leave you with George Ezras song “Listen to the man.”
Have a Beautiful After noon
Always Love